Movie Analysis : ' Columbine ' Essay examples

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One possible theme for Columbine is that you should always know your surroundings. You might

never know what is going on in another person’s mind or the thoughts they are portraying. With

Dylan and Eric they seemed to be normal guys from the outside, but the inside showed

completely opposite. The closest friends of Dylan and Eric were even shocked from the tragic

incident that the two boys were active in. The main theme shown to always know what is going

on around you and be aware of the unknown, anything can happen even on a bright sunny day

with two seemed to be normal guys.

b. Growing up Eric Harris was a normal boy who loved baseball and all the things kids usually love

at a young age. Eric was very talkative and a volatile guy, by the time he got to high school he

hated the jock culture, cliques, and anyone else that he believed had mistreated him. By the

second year of high school, Eric became different or an outcast. He dressed in dark clothes,

boots, and wore long coats. He got hassled by his weird style and odd behavior. Eric had serious

anger issues and much hate. He wrote all through his journal about the hate he had for others

and especially the “jocks”.

c. The book Columbine never got easier to read. It actually often got harder as the chapters went

on. The details were so real and vivid which made is so real. Being a high school student, it was

very difficult to grasp knowing that it could happen anywhere or any school too close to…

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