Movie Analysis : Coal Miner 's Daughter Essay

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"Some of us keep asking for American movies that speak of the variedness of America. Much of the time, this picture does part of that job. It means a lot more to me than the bloated Nashville [1975], with its strain to be an All-American metaphor." - Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic, 1980 review on “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. Film are stories about peoples experiences and one film that tells of a woman’s experience road to fame is “Coal Miner’s Daughter” this film tells the story of how Loretta Lynn became the ‘the queen of country’ and does a wonderful job. It shows the hardships and glories that come with being in the spotlight as well as the struggle of maintaining a relationship with her husband and family. In able to tell a great story it depends on the work that is put in to many of the aspects of film. If one person does not do their job correctly then the film may lack creatively. Parts of “Coal Miner’s Daughter” that helped to make it a great film are art direction, costumes, makeup, visual effects, sound design, editing, music, script, performance, direction, scene analysis, and historical analysis. All these elements of the film combined help make “Coal Miner’s Daughter” an exceptional and intriguing film. If even one of these elements of film were lacking the movie would suffer, but all components come together to tell a story about a women that changed the world of country music. In order for a film to be believable the world of the characters must be made and…

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