Essay about Movie Analysis : Cafe Society

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Café Society
The film I chose to analysis is Café Society. Set in the 1930s Café Society tells the story of a New Yorker who moves to Hollywood, where he falls in love and moves back to New York to run his brothers night club. In this essay I will discussing the summary of the film, how mise en scene play an important part in the film, the ideological content of the film, and my personal evaluation of the film.
Bobby Dorfman was the youngest of his Jewish family. Bobby decided one that he no longer wanted to work in the jewelry business with his dad and he wanted to do something else in life. So he moves to Hollywood where his high powered agent Uncle Phil leaves to find another job. After going to his Uncle Phil’s office for several weeks and not being able to see him the day had finally came were his was available to speak. When Uncle Phil spoke to Bobby he didn’t have any job positions open at that time in his office, however he offered him an errand runner position. Phil had also introduced Bobby to his secretary Veronica, who he had asked to show him around town. Over the next couple of months Veronica and Bobby spent time together almost every day from viewing famous people houses to going to the movies. Bobby had become very fond of her. Although Veronica had a boyfriend who she called “Doug”, but in reality was Phil that didn’t stop Bobby from catching feelings. On Veronica and Phil first paper anniversary, Veronica surprised Phil with a signed letter by…

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