Movie Analysis: Cafe Society

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Café Society
The film I chose to analysis is Café Society. Set in the 1930s Café Society tells the story of a New Yorker who moves to Hollywood, where he falls in love and moves back to New York to run his brothers night club. In this essay I will discussing the summary of the film, how mise en scene play an important part in the film, the ideological content of the film, and my personal evaluation of the film.
Bobby Dorfman was the youngest of his Jewish family. Bobby decided one that he no longer wanted to work in the jewelry business with his dad and he wanted to do something else in life. So he moves to Hollywood where his high powered agent Uncle Phil leaves to find another job. After going to his Uncle Phil’s office for several
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Bobby eventually finds out about her and Phil and asks her to choose between them. Vonnie decides that she wants to be with Phil. Bobby moves back to New York heartbrokenly; where he starts to work at his Brother Ben’s night club. Working hard every night and focusing on the club, Bobby had made the club well known all over the world to all rich individuals and even crocked people like his brother Ben. Bobby met his wife veronica Hayes at the club. He wined and dined her just like he did Vonnie his sweet out spoke personality swept her off her feet. Bobby and Veronica finally got married and started a little family of their own and were living happily, until one night when Uncle Phil and Veronica came in to the club. At first Bobby was disgusted at how Vonnie was acting all fake and differently. As Phil took care of business on the visit, Vonnie and Bobby spent a lot of time together. That’s when Bobby realized he is still madly in love with Vonnie and she loves him to. Bobby went to Hollywood to look at starting a night club there and of course he could not leave without seeing Vonnie. Bobby and Vonnie had lunch together were they both decided that it is best that they no longer see each …show more content…
In the film you will see how Bobby is a regular person who struggles to have a better life. The film tends to show how he progress in the club life and you’ll see how financially more stable he becomes. They speak on morality a lot in this movie if it is not spoke upon you see it through out the film. For example, how Bobby father said Phil was wrong for first off having an affair on his wife then next leaving her for the mistress. You see a lot of wrong doing throughout this film how they all have done some wrong in some sort. From Bobby cheating on his wife to Ben being the neighborhood killing machine. In this film what I noticed is that it’s like Vonnie and Bobby never justified there wrong doings. They both acted in a manner as if they were not married. I also noticed how they both married someone they didn’t really love that is morally wrong. When they came up with the idea to stop seeing watch other I felt it was not sincere, it is like they just did it because they had to not cause they wanted to. They continue to live in there fake and unhappy marriages instead of just being happy and married with each other. That part of the film was very confusing I still don’t understand the point Mr. Allen was trying to

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