Movie Analysis : ' Black And White ' Essay

803 Words Mar 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
The Movie is black and white, The first scene started by displaying a car moving slowly and being stuck in traffic. It’s a really bad traffic that there were thousands of cars, truck and bus being stuck in the road. I think it was a long shot here where the director wanted to show how the traffic is endless, where it get foggy and you can only see the top of the cars further down. The long shot is usually used to show the whole picture, the place or the scene and it’s surroundings. The next scene focused on the main character in the car and how he is reacting to the situation. He is looking at his left side and he saw a classy old woman on the front seat with her white dress, jewelry and hat and old man in a white suit in the back seat. The use of close up here is to frame the characters (old women & man) and show details. Then he looked in-front of him and saw a towel and wiped the front side of the glass of his car, it’s getting fogy by his breathing and he need to see clearly. Then he looked at the right side and saw another man stuck in car in traffic as well. Then he start pressing the different buttons in the car and you can tell he is cold. There was smoke coming out of his mouth, he was having a difficult time breathing, he was freaking out. Then it looks like he was stuck in the car and trying to get out of pushing his body towards the door. The next scene it’s like everyone is sitting still or free Zed isn 't moving. He hits the window, trying to get…

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