Movie Analysis : Baby Mama Essay

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The film Baby Mama follows 37-year-old Kate Holbrook, the Vice President of an organic food company, who lives a comfortable life in Philadelphia. Though Kate is very successful in her career, she has not been as lucky in the relationship department. Kate longs to have a child but at her age with no partner, she is forced to attempt various methods including adoption and sperm donors. After months of no success, she discovers she has a T-shaped uterus, which makes her chances of conceiving nearly impossible. Instead, Kate looks to surrogacy and she pays $100,000 to a lower-class, irresponsible woman named Angie to carry her child.
From the second Kate’s eggs are implanted into Angie, Kate’s authoritative parenting style emerges to ensure that everything is done properly to create the healthiest, happiest baby possible. It quickly becomes evident that Angie and Kate are on the complete opposite side of the parenting spectrum. While Kate starts reading pregnancy books, enrolling in pregnancy classes, and gathering prenatal vitamins, Angie continues her bad habits of eating junk food, playing video games, and smoking cigarettes. These habits cause the two to bump heads very frequently, yet as Kate continues working and dating a new man, Rob, she continues to push her good habits onto Angie. However, it is revealed that Angie is actually not pregnant with Kate’s baby and was just planning on stealing Kate’s money.
As time passes, Angie grows closer to Kate and she begins to…

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