Movie Analysis American History X

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A Movie Analysis: “American History X”
“American History X” was directed by Tom Kaye and released 1998. It is a story “partly based on the life of reformed skinhead Frank Meeink, who served three years in prison for charges related to white supremacist beliefs; now an accomplished anti-skinhead author and lecturer.” (Sean Hutchinson; Mental Floss, 2015) The setting is Venice Beach near Los Angeles, California 1998, where a growing number of immigrants chose to reside after coming to the United States. Wikipedia has described it as a neighborhood “moderately diverse ethnically, but having a high percentage of white people. The breakdown was whites, 64.2%; Latinos, 21.7%; blacks, 5.4%; Asians, 4.1%, and others, 4.6%. Mexico
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It appears that his family could not afford the ‘white flight’, because they lose their house and are forced to move their family of five into a two bedroom apartment. Feeling repressed and disregarded by the government, Derek starts the D.O.C justifying its necessity in order to defend white freedom. The neighborhood kids ‘ate it up’ when Derek says, “Don’t just be a punk, be a part of something, because whites should not have to walk around scared in their own neighborhood”. Dogmatic, “To accept beliefs one has been taught without questioning them.” (Koppelman, p. …show more content…
He recalls a conversation that took place during dinner between Derek and Dennis where he refers to Affirmative Action as “Affirmative Black-tion” and tells a story about how unqualified black men get jobs over qualified white men. It is “their misunderstanding that affirmative action requires an employer to give hiring preference to a person of color over a qualified white applicant even if the person of color is unqualified—in order to achieve a racial quota. But this is simply untrue.” (Koppelman, p. 187) He questions the intentions of Derek’s teacher, Dr. Sweeney and implies that he has a ‘hidden agenda’ and is spewing “nigger bullshit.” Further encouraging Derek to repel the ideas of his teachings and not to accept the ideas of a black man so easily.

Conclusion All of the attitudes and behaviors exhibited in “American History X” relate to the course subject and sadly are still very much reflected today. What I have taken from this movie and from other hate crimes is that “Hate Perpetuates Hate;” it is a never ending cycle.
“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7 New American Standard

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