Mouth Guard Dental Injury

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Basketball game just like any other game comes with both excitements and disappointments. One of the disappointments is dental injury. This can greatly hamper the love of your good smile. To minimize this injury, you need a protective mouth guard. Why risk losing a tooth when you can protect it?

Dental injury can cause gum bleeding and lacerations, fracture or dislodge your teeth which may require a lot of money to correct it. A protective mouth guard should be a regular companion of your basketball sport equipment routine. Here are the reasons for needing a mouth guard in your sport practice and playing.

It simply helps to prevent injuries.

It is very easy to get injured while playing basketball; you can be hit by your fellow player, a ball or you fall down among many other ways you can be injured. Therefore,
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Additionally, they are made with desirable and consistent level of thickness specific to your sport type. It is the most effective way to protect you because it can only fit your mouth.

It can help to prevent from breaking your jaw.

A knock to the head can cause your teeth to clang together, with no room for any movement in between. However, a mouth guard creates a layer of padding which might save your jaw.

It is the cost effective way to protect your mouth.

If you don't have the kind of money needed to buy a custom made mouth guard, you can opt for over the counter mouth guards. Though not effective as the other ones, they are better than nothing at all.

Engaging in any sport activity is good and healthy for your body. The likelihood of getting injuries cannot deter you from enjoying your favorite the sports. A mouth guard is important for a basketball player because it will protect him from a number of dental injuries. This will give you the reason to keep on taking part in your in the sport

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