Mountain Man Essay

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The Mountain Man - Dashrath Manjhi Dashrath Manjhi, also known as the Mountain Man, was born in 1934 in a poor family in Gahlour village near Gaya in Bihar, India. His father was a labourer. His wife had to negotiate a treacherous path and spend half a day to fetch water from a distant river. One day a thirsty Manjhi was impatiently waiting for his wife to fetch him water from the other side of the mountain. She had taken longer to come back than usual. Then he saw his wife in the distance but she was coming back empty handed. When he asked his wife, "Why are you coming back empty handed and so late? she started crying. She told him that she slipped and fallen down. She also told him that the water pot had broken and that is why she …show more content…
But Dashrath Manjhi was a determined man. He even shifted his hut close to the hill so that he could work long hours. He worked day and night. He chipped away, little by little. Often, he went hungry as he forgot to eat. After 10 years of Dashrath's hard work, people started to notice a change in the shape of the hill. They could now see a depression in the middle. Climbing the hill became a little easier. All those who had called him mad and ridiculed him began to quietly admire him. Some even chipped in to help. Finally, in 1982, 22 years after Dashrath had started out on this impossible task, the day came when he walked on a clear road of about 16-feet wide to the other side of the hill. He started to walk to the point where he had started his chiselling. His happiness knew no bounds as he walked through the rocky path that he had created alone. He was victorious but sad because, his wife who was the inspiration behind his determination, courage and motivation was not by his side. She had died of illness as he could not take her to the hospital on time. The villagers of the area were jubilant and were there to celebrate with him. They distributed sweets. The young generation in the area who had grown up hearing stories of the man who wanted to move a mountain were actually amazed that such a unbelievable task was finally completed successfully. We are sure that they would have been motivated. Their dream

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