Mountain Man Beer Essay

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Mountain Man Beer

To: Mountain Man’s senior management team
From: 1336226, branding consultant
Subject: Proposal to Create Mountain Man Light

The decision that Mountain Man Beer Company currently faces is whether to extend its brand name to include a light beer, Mountain Man Light. My position on this decision is that Mountain Man Beer Company should not participate in this extension. It is true that financially the light beer market looks attractive. “Over the previous six years, light beer sales in the United States had been growing at a compound annual rate of 4%, while traditional premium beer sales had declined annually by the same percentage” (Abelli, 1). Another reason why this may seem like an attractive decision
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One focus group participant expressed this by saying, “My dad drank Mountain Man just like my granddad did. They both felt it was as good a beer as you could get anywhere” (3). This quote encompasses not only the perceived quality associated with Mountain Man beer, but also the importance of tradition and the taste of the beer to Mountain Man consumers. These brand attributes are linked so firmly to the meaning of Mountain Man beer that it is my opinion that it will not transfer well to a light beer. For younger drinkers, the main consumer of light beers, the main attribute that affects what beer they purchase is price. They can’t afford higher priced, better tasting beers. For Mountain Man it is the emotional attributes that draw people to the brand primarily, rather than self-expressive or functional benefits. These emotional attributes do not transfer well to the light beer, because it breaks from the tradition. The consumer’s fathers and grandfathers didn’t drink Mountain Man Light. The target markets of light beer are the opposite of the market for Mountain Man Lager. Consumers of light beer tend to be women or younger people aged 21 to 27 years who are first-time drinkers. Mountain Man beer consumers tend to be male, aged 45-54, who make between $25k and $49.9k a year (See Exhibit 1). Mountain Man beer doesn’t appeal to the younger age groups, because the brand meanings associated with the beer do not have meaning to them. However, the Mountain Man brand has

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