Mount Saint Helens and Ecological Succession Essay

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Throughout history, great importance has been placed on the existence of God. Every civilization through time has sought some sort of reassurance that their is a higher being the watches over humanity. The evidence of this belief can be seen in the tombs of the Egyptians, in the sculptures of the Greeks and in the customs of the African tribes, among many other cultures. It seems that the existence of a deity is something that every culture comes to accept at some time or another. In "Would Tarzan Believe in God?", the authors say that, "...many cognitive scientists see the universality and pervasiveness of religious belief as suggesting that it is a natural feature of evolved human psychology." (Banjeree, pg. 1) There are none who would …show more content…
If God does indeed exist, then He would never have had a beginning and therefore would not need a cause. (Craig pg. 8) The second argument, that God explains the fine-tuning of the Universe, that God explains the precision and detail of the world that surrounds us, is accompanied with three more rules; that the fine-tuning of the universe is due to either law, chance or design, but since it is not due to law or chance, it must be due to design. (Craig pg. 16) These arguments are sustainable because to say that it happened by chance is implausible, the design is too complex. To say that it happened by law is just as implausible, since the conditions to the Universe are unique and had they been any different, life as we know it would not exist. (Craig pg. 10-11) The third argument is that God makes sense of objective moral values. Without God, there is no real obligation to hold true to morals. Morals are simply devices that we have adapted to in order to ensure the survival of our species. Craig uses the example of rape, saying that certainly everyone knows that rape is wrong, but without God there is nothing truly wrong with rape, it is simply something that we avoid because it is not beneficial to humankind. But because there is a real moral objection to this behavior, then it is important because it is another argument in favor of God. The three standards for this argument are that, If God does not exist, neither do objective morals. Moral Objectives do

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