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Motorola, Inc August 7, 2011

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Motorola was originally founded as the Gavin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928. Its first product was a battery eliminator. Motorola is a leading provider of wireless communication devices, Enterprise mobility solutions and end-to-end broadband systems for homes. Its products have grown and changed over the years to include phone, wireless handsets and much more. The Fortune 100 Company is based in Schaumburg, Illinois.
1. Describe the salient (most important; outstanding) opportunities and threats that exist in
Motorola's external environment.
Motorola has many
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One of the analysts has also instructed that Motorola has such products that can allow it to easily enter the mature market where risk is extensively high then in comparison to its competitors. Motorola has also expanded its products worldwide and to different other foreign countries where it has started to penetrate it into new markets. Motorola also have loyal consumers that have followed them through the years of their innovations and through other competitors.
On the other hand, Motorola does have a few threats in their external environment. The biggest threat to Motorola is from Japan which is producing high quality products and flooding them abroad attached with it a cheap price. Motorola also has a few minor competitors such as Nokia, Samsung, Research in motion, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications as well as Apple, Inc. These competitors have also produced the same type of products (wireless technology) as Motorola. However, Motorola strives to have a competitive advantage against all competition in which they have produced top quality products and sustain a competitive advantage. Financial crisis which began in 2008 also pose a threat to Motorola. They are concerned that consumers will defer purchases, be unable to obtain financial, and submit more request for vendor financing by Motorola. Motorola also face a threat with their suppliers.

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