Motorola Corporation: a History of Quality Management Essay

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Ivan Ortiz
GM 588 Managing Quality
Instructor Robert Lee
August, 2011
Keller School of Management

The Motorola Corporation was founded in 1928 when its’ Owners Paul and Joseph Galvin decided to start a business in the area of battery storage. Paul was interested in improving on the technological advances that had taken place to date in that field. As a result, his motivation and hard work allowed investments to be made in the manufacturing industry toward the promotion of that product. The first device made and marketed by the company was a power converter designed to allow battery-powered radios to run on household
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Also, the employees must enjoy their work and understand that achievements are earned through hard work and perseverance. That in turn leads to productivity gains and profits for those involved. Finally, as the group increases market shares and grows into a conglomerate over a period of time employees are satisfied in personally taking part in the progression of the company. However, in order for success to continue management must constantly strive to determine the correct equilibrium by aligning the company’s vision and strategy. In fact, one of the group’s biggest feats was to allow the left-brain, analytical side of Six Sigma to coexist alongside the right-brain creative process without disrupting it (Crockett, R.O., 2006). Using the Six Sigma approach, Motorola is continually working toward capturing, measuring, and eliminating defects in every method during processes. For example, the defect rate, the management process, the improvement tools, and the foundation for culture and values are areas to be focused on. The management philosophy specifically centers on four factors: the emphasis on statistical science and measurement, a rigorous and structured training deployment plan (Black belt, green belt, Champion) a project-focused approach with a single set of problem-solving techniques such as DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control), and reinforcement of Juran tenets (top

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