Motorcycle Enthusiast Vs Harley Davidson

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Harley-Davidson is a name any motorcycle enthusiast knows well. The company produces great bikes that range in purpose. When trying to find the best bike, there are four things that should be considered: parts costs, cost to own, price/depreciation, and performance. When looking at these aspects among just Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Harley Roadster was the best. Although the Roadster is the best, all purpose Harley, when compared to the Honda CBR600rr, this American made motorcycle is greatly outshined. The Honda CBR600rr is a better overall purchase compared to the Harley Roadster. The cost of parts makes a bigger impact on how much money an owner will spend on a bike than some would think. Many buyers hardly, if at all, think …show more content…
They disregard the cost of parts because American labor costs more but by spending the extra money to keep it in America, they are helping the economy and supporting American workers. What they don’t know is that Harley motorcycle parts are made and imported to America where they are then stamped with the Harley-Davidson logo, instantly jacking the price up because the bike was “made in America” when really it was only assembled in America.
Even though the Harley-Davidson company pays the price of foreign labor and parts, because of the inspection process each part goes through to be sure of its quality, the company then slaps their logo on it. Yes, Harley bikes and parts are good quality but the company charges buyers the price of American parts even though Harley pays imported price. This price difference in parts is ridiculous. When fixing or customizing Harley motorcycles, the cost of these parts jumps a large amount, especially when compared to the
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The parts are much cheaper than Harley parts, but are still good quality. These parts come straight from the factory in Japan and can range from the smallest screw to a whole new frame or motor. The founder of Honda wanted to supply an affordable, reliable motorcycle and still is.
Harley-Davidson is a larger, heavier bike, but is easier to work on as long as the person knows what to do. “Harley-Davidson is loved by custom motorcycle builders” (“10 Best Motorcycles Brands”). Because of how easy these bikes are to work on, custom builders love them. But without a background in mechanics or some kind of knowledge and skill on the matter, it’s nearly impossible to work on one of these bikes.
Honda motorcycles are light and compact vehicles. All of their parts are crammed into a small area, making it harder to work on. The difference between these two is that Honda provides very detailed diagrams of how to pull apart and put back together any of their bikes. The Honda website walks any owner through step by step how to work on their bikes. This saves owners a lot of maintenance

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