Motorcycle and Harley Essay

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Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Company Profile 4 4Ps of Harley-Davidson Marketing Mix Strategies 5 Product 5 Promotion 7 Price 7 Place 8 Harley-Davidson’s Value and its Competitors 9 Market segmentation 10 Evaluation of the target market 11 Intervention 12 Harley-Davidson SWOT Analysis 12 The 4 Areas of improvement and values 13 Conclusion 15 References 16

Executive Summary

The researcher will discuss on Harley-Davidson (HD) and its marketing mix concepts and recommendation for improvement to market the USA brand in Malaysia. As the leader in manufacturing heavyweight motorcycles above 750cc capacity, HD has a role to play to promote the hobby of bikers worldwide and further
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Areas to refocus are new management, marketing strategies and manufacturing strategies. Due to his initiative, quality and market share are improving and HD managed to turnaround before the expiry of the tariff.

Now, Harley-Davidson Inc has an employee of 6,300 workers (Dec 2010) and 600 dealerships throughout the United States.
Company Profile
Harley-Davidson, Inc. focuses on producing and sells their heavyweight motorcycles, parts, accessories and related services. The two keys areas of Harley’s are motorcycles and related products and Financial Services (Bloomberg Business Week).
The core area Motorcycles and Related Products segment engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of primarily heavyweight touring, custom, and performance motorcycles primarily in northern America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
Harley’s product lines are motorcycle parts, accessories, merchandise and financial services.
The 5 categories of Harley’s motorcycles are Touring, Dyna, Softail, Sportster and VRSC.
The Financial Services provided by Harley are retail financing, insurance for their dealers and retail customers in United Stated. Harley’s distribution channels are mainly via independent distributors and dealers.
4Ps of Harley-Davidson Marketing Mix Strategies
The 4Ps marketing mix principles ( are used by Harley-Davison as tools to assist them in pursuing their

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