Personal Narrative My Life

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By Dr. Alejandra Leon, PhD

As a cradle Catholic raised in Mexico, I attended catechesis when I was a small child. My mother, who held two jobs, even asked Madre Teresita to babysit my brother and me for some time. Madre Teresita would teach only both of us while my mom was at work. As a teenager I belonged to youth group and the church choir that was constantly making plans to improve the music repertoire as well as attending weekend retreats.
When I graduated from college I was fortunate to be selected for a scholarship to attend Seoul National University in South Korea. My journey in Korea began in the Spring of 1999 when I started attending an intensive course in Korean Language that lasted for a full year.
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Father Wilson and the community at Blessed Sacrament (especially Monica Stanley and her family) embraced me and my children with invaluable support that I hope I can pay forward one day. Victoria was baptized and my other two children celebrated their first communion there. Additionally, Monica introduced us to the Focolare movement. The friends we have met there have become our family away from home and we all (including my new husband, Frank) have found a wealth of good will and amazing people who have been there for us. We regularly attend their community gatherings and retreats and we enjoy practicing the will of God in our imperfect lives.
After seeing my life in perspective, I know that God’s caring hands have been there to guide us and protect us whatever our circumstances are. I see the opportunity of working at St. Francis De Sales church as a way to reciprocate for all the care and support we have received from the community.
For all this, I offer my gifts to help St. Francis De Sales church continue its mission to create a community that cares for other no matter their walks of

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