Motivational Interviewing For Adolescent Substance Use Essay

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Motivational Interviewing: Annotated Bibliography
Barnett, E., Sussman, S., Smith, C., Rohrbach, L. A., & Spruijt-Metz, D. (2012). Motivational Interviewing for adolescent substance use: a review of the literature. Addictive behaviors, 37(12), 1325-1334. Retrieved November 19, 2016, from
Summary of the article
The author has used Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a research support to address on substance abuse among the adolescents. The key goal of the article is to investigate the manner in which MI treatments has on drug addiction among teens and the impact it has to support adolescents intrinsic motivation towards healthy lifestyles and strengthening their independence. The analysis involved comparison of different prevention designs and the possible theory based approaches for transformation. After a selection criterion and a systematic literature review of 39 studies, the analysis showed a significant effect of 67% for improved substance use outcome. The motivational interviewing intervention was found to yield significant effect on reduction of substance abuse but not effective for smoking cessation.
The article obtains concrete results from the collection and data analysis and as such, the information, in this case, is reliable. It can be applied to the subject under research as it provides insight on how to apply MI interventions to adolescents while observing client readiness, engagement, resistance,…

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