Organizational Behavior Case Study: Walmart In Canada

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Within Walmart The retail industry is a vicious market for any size business, looking back we remember giants like Zellers, Kmart and even Target who failed to remain afloat in Canada. These were large aisle stores with a range of products from all departments like clothing, electronics and even pharmacy supplies at affordable prices for families. Walmart Canada is still standing, offering virtually everything a family would need to survive, even more so since their addition of food aisles in recent years. They try to stay true to their slogan “Save Money, Live Better,” which has been successful so far. With such a high level of competition and threat in this market, Walmart needs to be vigilant not to suffer the same fate as others before them. This means distinguishing themselves from other stores. They may do so through the utilization of their labour resources. Their employees are responsible for the overall management of the store. However, not every store employee feels optimistic about their particular job. With that being said, we have conducted a research study on the overall …show more content…
Thorough explanations on the four major issues discovered through the surveys will then follow, including their relations to several organizational behaviour concepts. These internal issues that the company holds involve employee wages, goal setting, schedules and stress. Solutions suggested to face those challenging concerns will be introduced in hopes of improving the employees’ work experience. Additional research studies included within the report will help support our observations. Lastly, the final segment of this report will consist of an overview of the results and their corresponding solutions, as well as the positive outcomes that we expect these recommendations to

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