Motivation and Empowerment Paper

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Motivation and Empowerment Paper

Motivation and Empowerment Paper
The criminal justice field is one that centers on motivation and empowerment amongst employees. These are concepts that not only guide, but also maintain constructive behaviors. Motivation and empowerment are that force every professional needs to preserve their goals and ambitions. This paper will provide three academic theories of motivation including an explanation on each theory. It will also define empowerment and its components. Next, it will compare and contrast motivation and empowerment. In this paper there will also be an evaluation on the implications of empowerment and delegation in a criminal justice organization. Lastly this paper
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Theory X has a dismal idea that humans dislike work and will work hard to avoid if possible. A manager using this theory will use coercion of punishment in order to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner and properly. It makes the assumption that the vast majorities of people are self-centered and lazy and have to be micromanaged.
They rely takes more positive approach to motivating employees. Under this theory it is assumed that work and accomplishment can be satisfying in and of themselves. It assumes that people want to be successful and are willing to work for that success.
No one theory will work for motivating every person. A quality manager will look at all three of these theories and apply them to individuals as needed. In practice a manager needs to know what level of the hierarchy of needs an employee is at. Once the manager knows where the employee falls in this hierarchy he can work to help the employee to achieve the next level. Employees that fall under the X theory are poison in any organization. If an employee does not want work and dislikes workers they are not going to get any fulfillment from their work and will generally drag everyone else down with them. Having employees that are motivated to succeed, as described in the Y theory are essential for the success of any organization. Work is not just about meeting our basic needs, front organization be truly

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