Motivation Theories Essay

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Life Span Perspective
Malisa Morris
October 2, 2013
Mr. Amanze Ihedioha

Life Span Perspective

Life Span Development is a concept of understanding why people grow and change over a period of time. Human Development begins at birth and throughout all of life. People of all ages, all over creation, change at some point and time. Scientifically, the human body is designed to experience change. Human growth development has several perspectives and characteristics to explain lifespan. The following essay will explore five developmental perspectives and explore two theories of life span development. These perspectives include; Multidirectional, Multicontextual, Multicultural, Multidisciplinary, and Plasticity lifespan development.
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Muticontextual Multicontextual is development occurring in many stages, including physical surroundings (for example where we live, the climate in that area, noise, and people. According to “(Urie Bronfenbrenner)”, his belief is an ecological-systems approach to the Multicontextual perspective which he founded in 1977. This theory focused on the study of human development and that a person should be considered in all environments and relations that constitute a life his theory was later renamed the (Bio-ecological theory.) Each person is significantly affected by interactions among a total of corresponding systems, which provide the background of development. Microsystems—families, peers, in the classroom, and neighborhoods,
Is culture unified and transferred across age groups that allow the group to encounter simple requests of existence . . . with joy and security and gives meaning to life. Populations of a country, citizens of a region within a country, affiliates of a cultural group, people living in one neighborhood, or even pupils in a college class can have their own culture or have their own method of collecting data and imputing significance, or worth, to life. Culture affects every deed and every thought.

Multidisciplinary Has hundreds of influences, famous for many persuasions, combined to defend or weaken

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