Motivation : Motivation And Motivation Essay

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nderstanding motivation
What is motivation? Motivation activates behavior through the use of the biological emotional, social, and cognitive forces and can be simply reduced to why someone does something. To any business looking to unlock success, motivation of its workforce will continue to be the key. However achieving a profit requires the workforce to persist through obstacles and endurance to keep going in spite of difficulties (3). Therefore it is most important to employers to understand motivation.
Understanding Different Theories of motivation
Abraham Maslow established Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in 1943. By consolidating human needs into five stages of a pyramid, Maslow attempted to explain how motivation forms as well as how it is driven. Each stage of the pyramid pushes our behavior in the linear direction of achieving the next. The stages go in order of their level of importance to our basic needs. The bottom of the pyramid symbolizes physiological needs such as hunger, thirst, sex, and rest. Only when these physiological needs are fulfilled can our behavior change in order to achieve the next stage. Safety is Maslow’s second stage of the pyramid, and includes the need to feel both physically and psychologically safe. Once these stages are completed the individual can then move on to the most beneficial stages of belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. As an employer it may appear that many of these stages are sole the responsibility of the individual,…

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