Essay Motivation, Motivation And Motivation

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Motivation is used to affect the behavior of the projects team members to achieve a projects goal and objective. On one of the projects I have worked, the projects team members were motivated on the premises of autonomy or intrinsic factors. Autonomy is motivation through self-direction. As to intrinsic motivation factors, motivation comes from within a person through the results of the work itself. The reason intrinsic factors or autonomy motivation was the best influence in this project was the team was developing performance requirement (Lussier & Achua, 2013). In developing performance requirements for this system, the team members were challenged to think outside of the box, which is an intrinsic factor. Additionally the team members were doing something they wanted to do and could take ownership of the performance requirements (Lussier & Achua, 2013). If extrinsic factors were to be considered as a motivation for this project then the team member’s motivation would have come from the job itself. Trying to apply extrinsic factors such as pay or working conditions did not apply to this specific project, as the project was to develop a set of performance requirements. Considering this was a government project team, job security was already in place and eliminated the extrinsic motivation factor of this lower level need. Therefore, in this project the team members were motivated by intrinsic factors and autonomy by doing something they wanted to do,…

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