Essay on Motivation Is Not A Free And Enlightened Conscience

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Motivation is when someone is pushed by an inner strength to accomplish a project to achieve an objective. However, unlike the desire which also is imposed on us, motivation is not a lack but rather a force that comes with satisfaction despite constraints or temporary inconvenience that we must endure. In motivation there is the idea of postponing immediate desires to achieve a higher purpose: motivation will stain all our actions with an enthusiasm that makes us break barriers and move mountains. It is also opposed to an external constraint that could force the person to reach a goal. To be motivated the individual need a free and enlightened conscience if not, it is possible to fall in bondage of fear or pain. Therefore, there is the idea that the concerned is autonomous, he or she sets its own laws, imposes its own constraints because he or she believes that he will have to go through it to defeat obstacles and get that ultimate prize. So the motivation is inseparable from a system of values and rewards that crowns achievement of objectives corresponding to these values.

A student who does not succeed in school experiences a sense of helplessness and takes no pleasure in learning. He or she feels anxiety and becomes stressed. Often demotivated the student works without conviction and gives up. He or she develops a negative self-image, lack of energy and feels ineffective. Every human being from birth wants to meet his needs. Maslow 's pyramid, although not accepted by…

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