Motivation In Syvia Papa's Too Soon A Women

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Strong people work hard for their families to keep them alive as they run into many laborious conflicts. The Holocaust was a dark, horrifying, and scary period of time. Many people risked their lives for their family, friends, and country. Mostly everyone worked hard together to fight the appalling conflicts and struggles of the war. Like the Holocaust, the Western Expansion had frequent problems. One problem was starvation. There is a great bundle of people in the world who are starving. These people try to fight through hunger by continuing to stay strong and using what they apprehend to figure out different solutions to starvation. These people stay strong willed through many conflicts such as starvation and war. Because they stay so brave, they receive the love and presence of their families. So, although Papa from Yellow Star and Mary from "Too Soon a Women" seem very different, their shared internal values connect them as models of the infallible human spirit.
Papa and Mary both have different motivations that make them accomplish the actions they do for their families. One example of this was when Syvia noticed something Papa did for the family, "Papa's eyes are sad, though, and somehow I know that he had to sell her (like the other things we have sold) for money or food" (Roy 48). Syvia cherishes that doll so much and yet Papa sold it, but most people are not cognizant of what Papa actually did. Papa cared about his family so much, that he sacrificed the joy of his child so that his family would not starve. Therefore,
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Papa and Mary do what they do because of their strong, but different, motivations. Even though they are faced with a lot of conflicts, they are still able to protect their families to save them from harm. Papa and Mary are both very great models to respect and follow because of their love towards

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