Essay on Motivation Has Control Over Individual 's Choice Of Behavior

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Motivation has control over individual’s choice of behavior in an organization. The kind of behavior employees choose to have, affect the outcome of the business. Therefore, there is a need to look consider the needs of employees. According to Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory, the needs of employees when met, they serve to be motivation, (Maslow, 2002). The theory provides that lowest unmet needs have greater effects, when lower needs are satisfied the next higher needs become greater motivators. Therefore, it is upon employers to learn the needs of employees so that they can address these needs effectively. According to the Learned Needs Theory, needs can be amplified or suppressed through social concept, social norms and past experience. Employers can learn these needs even through training and recruitment process. The theory of Learned Needs articulate three needs that employers should consider three needs as the main psychological frame when they need an effective engagement with the employees: need for achievement, need for affiliation and need for power.
Motivation is also influenced by certain drives provided in the Four- Drive theory. These drives attach some sense of liberty for the employees within an organization. According to this theory, employers are able to identify independent and competing emotions that demand their attention, which emotions are tagged to incoming information and the ability to transform drive-based emotions to goal-oriented choices.…

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