Essay about Motivation for Students in the Classroom

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As educators we need to constantly strive to maximize the potential of our students. In my opinion one of the most effective ways to maximize learning is to motivate in the classroom. Even though most educators would agree that motivation in the classroom is an effective strategy to maximize learning as a whole we do not emphasize and use this strategy enough. There are several reasons why educators do not take advantage of this good teaching strategy; some of these reasons are that it takes more thought and time, we are to focused on curriculum, and we have not been educated on how to motivate and why it is important. It is my hope that this paper will improve how we motivate in the classroom and to learn how we can
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The extrinsic suggestions will work, but it must be remembered that they do so only as long as the student is under the control of the teacher. When outside of that control, unless the desired goals and behaviors have been internalized, the learner will cease the desired behavior and operate according to his or her internal standards or to other external factors (Bantjes).
Effort and appropriate feedback is also critical in successfully motivating a student. In his article Try Harder? Motivational Effects of Effort Attributional Feedback Dale Schunk says, " effort is internal, unstable, and controllable, which is quite favorable for motivation. People who succeed at a task and believe that they can continue to work hard are likely to expect future success and be motivated to expend the effort. People who do not work hard and perform poorly on a task are likely to be motivated to continue if they believe that harder work will produce success" (Schunk, 2003). For effort feedback to be successful, kids must believe that it is credible. Effort feedback is credible when students realistically have to display a good work ethic to succeed (Schunk, 2003). A teacher needs to be careful on knowing when to give positive effort feedback because if a student succeeds without effort and gets praised for a successful effort a student will not fully learn the

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