Motivation, Employee Motivation And Organizational Effectiveness

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This paper focuses on one of the most important point in an organization—employee motivation. As a sustaining goal-directed behavior, employee motivation affects organization’s turnover rate and organizational effectiveness. In order to increase company’s productivity, understanding how to raise employee motivation is crucial. Based on the six needs, managers can increase the motivation by fulfill employees’ needs, create incentives, communicate, and empower employees. Every coin has two sides. Learning the drawback of employees’ motivation can prevent the organization suffer from the influences. In conclusion, acknowledging the motivation of employees is the key for an organization to success.

Key words: organization behavior, employee motivation, organizational effectiveness

Employee Motivation

What is Employee Motivation

What wakes you up in the morning, your alarm or your dream? The motivation separates the people at work into two kinds: those people who cannot wait to work everyday and those people who wish the day will be done as soon as possible. Besides their interests, what motivate the first group? Most of these people are motivated by the organizations’ actions and regulations. The definition of motivation in organizational behavior terms is sustaining goal-directed behavior.

It is important to study motivation and understand how to build an effective motivation system. Everything has two sides. Learning what impede employee motivation will help the…

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