Motivation At School, Wentzel And Wigfield State That Motivation

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“In their edited Handbook of Motivation at School, Wentzel and Wigfield state that motivation is the energy that students bring to tasks and beliefs, values and goals that determine which tasks they pursue and their persistence in achieving them, and the standards they set to determine when a task has been accomplished” (Hinchman 25). It is important as an educator to motivate struggling readers and ELL’s in to engage in the classroom. In order to help struggling readers and ELL students bridge the connection to comprehension in reading, teachers should use textual lineage and personal relevance’s. Motivating struggling reader’s and ELL’s to engage in reading and comprehend exactly what they are reading, will help them to become better in all academics and future professions.

Being able to actively read and understand what is be said does not just help students in English classes in school, but also helps students in: math classes to help them to understand the word problems; science classes understand the course material and what the text is saying; in history to understand and bridge the gaps between time eras and events that have happened. Reading comprehension helps students to bridge the gap to understanding fully the idea of a text. Also reading comprehension helps students to become better writers, not only for in school purposes, but for work force purposes after a student’s desired education goals.

Ways that teachers can motivate struggling readers and ELL’s to…

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