Motivation And Time, Organization, And Classroom Management Essay

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The topics that interest me most in the Ganske article was the topics of motivation and time, organization, and classroom management. Both areas, at least to me, co-exist with one another. Not only for the students, but for the teacher themselves. Teaches need to motivate and teach their students skills such as organizing their work, but students can teach the educator valuable lessons they could apply to classroom lessons. The learning process, as I have learned, is an ongoing cycle, which starts with the desire to learn.
One of the biggest hurdles of education, is having the right motivation. Without it, the student will not get much from the classroom, then another student that is doing their work and completing their assignment. Students who do not have the desire to organize and schedule their readings, assignments, tend to not do well when tested. Students at every age, need to have motivation for education. Students without motivation suffer, while learning. The importance of motivation was made clear to me with my mother’s educational journey.
When the student has the right motivation things like time, organization, and classroom management are skills that can be developed. This is important, for the growth of the student. Students generally learn differently in a classroom, then in individual studies. In the classroom settings, learning is taught at a certain pace, sometimes with group activities. Group activities are used for the student to learn how to manage…

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