Motivation And The Three Perspectives Essay

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Motivation and The Three Perspectives Motivation is a need or desire that drives or gives us “energy” to project our behavior in a certain way that allows us to ultimately satisfy our needs and/or desires. Motivation has three main perspectives which include the drive-reduction theory, the arousal theory and a hierarchy of needs. Each one takes a different approach to motivation. Basic biological needs, psychological needs such as arousal, and the balancing of both psychological and biological needs are the foundation of these theories. Drive-reduction theory describes motivation as a drive which results from biological needs such as hunger or thirst. As we feel hungry or thirsty, our body creates noticeable physiological symptoms according to the need. For instance when we feel thirsty, our mouth becomes dry, and inevitably increasingly uncomfortable. The level of uncomfortableness is a direct correlation to the level of dehydration one is experiencing. This uncomfortable physiological symptom which arises from a biological need, creates a drive. This drive is “energy” that urges us to relieve the symptom by drinking water, or simply any liquid that through experience, the body has learned to satisfy the need. Drive-reduction theory satisfactorily explains the motivation towards biological needs, but what about motivation that does not satisfy a biological need? Arousal theory answers this question by suggesting that motivation or “energy” that one experiences towards…

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