Essay on Motivation and Staff Performance in the Civil Service

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The book examined motivation and job satisfaction in Oyo State Civil Service.It also appraised the existing motivating packages for workers in the state and investigate the effect of staff motivation on job performance in the state. This was neccessited by the need to ensure effective job satisfac- in Oyo State Civil Service.
The book made use of questionnaire and simple random sampling method was adopted. The book revealed that Oyo civil servants have low job satisfaction,social relationship with co-workers, careers opportunities for promotion and salaries and wages etcThe book concluded that employees be well motivated by provision of amenities like salaries,bonuses and other entitlement which should be promptly
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(2) To what extent are the Civil Servant of Oyo State are satisfied with their job?
1.4 Objectives of the StudyThe objectives of the research study are to (i) examine the factor that motivate the workers of Oyo State Civil Service; (ii) appraise the existing motivating packages for workers in the state ; and (iii) investigate the effects of staff motivation on job performance in the State.1.5 Significance of the Study
The study will be of immense benefits to decision makers and human resource managers in organization when dealing with human problem such as the menace of low productivity as appropriate policy decisions that affect their personnel would be made. The importance of workers motivation and job satisfaction should not be ignored by government as they promote the corporate objectives of the organization as well as the individual. This research study would therefore serve as a guide to employers of labour as it would give them the understanding of the workers. The study is also expected to provide additional information research in this area and to government for effective efficient performance in respect of task and allocation of scarce resources for a result oriented state.1.6 The Scope of StudyConsidering the large population of the Oyo State Civil Service, it will be difficult and time consuming to include all the population of civil servants in the state. Therefore, the study focused on six ministries. The Miniseries are

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