Motivation And Motivation Of Motivation Essay

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Motivation Growing up if Rachel wanted something she had to prove to her parents that she was responsible enough to have it. For example, before Rachel could get the iphone, her parents gave her a less expensive phone to have for a couple years. She had to show them that she was responsible. She did that by taking care of the cheaper phone…ie not losing or breaking it.Once that happened she was allowed to eventually get the iphone. Her motivation for taking care of the cheaper phone was to show her parents she was ready for the iphone. In other words, she was motivated by the reward. When asked what makes her work hard, she said that she works hard because of the reward of working hard. She works hard in order to be able to provide for herself. Initially I thought Rachel’s motivation was extrinsic. This kind of motivation is often motivated by consequences, people, and rewards. Extrinsic motivation is simply goal orientated motivation < INSERT PPT CITATION>. I asked her if the consequences of not working hard motivated her to work hard, her response was yes, without a doubt. I also asked her why she studied hard. She said that she studies in order to make good grades. This is another example of extrinsic motivation, Rachel is motivated to study by the hope of getting good grade. After deeper thought, reflection, and more probing, I could see that her motivation is really intrinsic. I asked Rachel why she wanted good grades, and her answer was that she wanted to get…

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