Essay on Motivation And Motivation Of Motivation

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Motivation is about boosting your inner self to do things. Many people are motivated to do things for different reasons. Individuals are also motivated by different things and different people. For example, some individuals may be motivated by listening to music. Nevertheless, some individuals do not execute certain things because they feel there is no value. When an individual learned that is some type of value, many times they are motivated to do it. Imagine what an organization would be like if no one was motivated. Motivation is what drives people to accomplish things whether it is a small tasks or large task. Generally individuals are more motivated by intrinsic motivator than extrinsic motivators.
What Motivates Me to Work There are many things that motivate me to work. Some of my top motivators would be food, shelter and money. In order to live, we must have food and shelter, and money to buy it. Another motivator would be the desire to learn, grow and excel within an organization for which I am working for. I would say that money is definitely a motivating factor for me. Although many people will never earn what they are truly worth, it is important to me to still work hard. I am motivated to work hard so that I am able to earn as much as I possibly can or as much as they will allow me. As stated in Proverbs13:4 “Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper.” I am also motivated to work because I want to fill satisfied that I am…

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