Motivation And Motivation For My Academic Future Essay

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Motivation 3.0 is based off of Type I behavior which Pink explains is the motivation to have the opportunity to complete anything with the freedom and do certain things your way. Pink believes we should move more towards motivation 3.0 because it will bring better performances from people. I do agree with pink simply because I can relate this to myself. In a business you have to work according to what they want you to do and their procedures but I find that changing the way you work to fit your style but as well as still accommodating to what needs to be done is the best way in which I perform. I would see motivation 3.0 working for me in my academic future but I also would see it not working for me. As for my future job, motivation 3.0 would definitely be a factor in how I worked. Pink explains that most businesses and people use motivation 2.0 which is when you reward someone they will want to perform better and when you punish them they will perform worse. This is also based off of type x behavior, people care more about the external rewards rather than the internal ones. As explained in Pink 's book, motivation 2.0 is not working the way it is intended to work. Pink performed many studies and made a conclusion that 2.0 is working the other way around. People who receive bigger rewards would perform worse than those who would get nothing or smaller rewards. Those who would get nothing cared more about the internal reward which is more satisfying to them. People like the…

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