Motivation And Goals For Students With Learning Goals Essay

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Motivation Motivation involves achievements and goals that always require performance. My students with learning goals see the purpose of schooling as gaining competence in the skills their being taught, whereas my students with performance goals primarily seek to gain positive judgments of their competence (and avoid negative judgments). “Students who are striving toward learning goals are likely to take difficult courses and to seek challenges.” (Slavin 2012 p.295) Motivation is simply drives my future students to work hard and pushes their limits to reach their goals and succeed.

Verbal Praises
¬ There is always magic in verbal praising. We do not need to give a treat all the time. The more we praise children, the better their performance and maintaining positive self-esteem. Verbal praises often helps students their ability to develop their full potential.

Classroom Management with Inclusion Whether we are teaching general education or students with disabilities. Our great mission in teaching is to reach “ALL” students. “We are not to reach out to only those who fit into our boxes and perception.” (Ackerman, 2012 p.3) Inclusive education means students with disability are educated in the same classes as all other kids. Meaning – there is no segregation. Debating about inclusion still remains a controversial to our society. In my opinion, every educator should anticipate that Students with disability belongs to a real world where everyone learns too.

In my…

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