Motivating Employees At New Jobs Essay

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Motivating employees
The era we live in is rapidly changing and growing. Hundreds of new jobs are being created every day, and it is all thanks to the fast growing telecommunications and technology industries. Although tons of new jobs are being created yearly there are certain challenges that today’s managers are facing. One of them is motivating their employees to stay with the company. Fifty years ago this issue was not much of a problem, but with the rapidly changing world and economy we live in, managers are facing difficult times. Globalization, technology, and the fast changing society are all playing a key role in this conflict.
Changing Society
Very few people can say that they have been loyal to a company for many years. According to Quentin Fottrell and his article “Typical U.S. worker now lasts 4.6 years on job” states “There’s a widely held belief that Americans are less loyal to employers than they were in prior eras” (2014 Forttrell). People are not lasting long in jobs anymore. They are less likely to remain loyal as opposed to fifty years ago when people were more loyal to companies. Fortrell also states “Older workers are staying in employment longer than any other age group” (2014 Fortrell). We live in a fast changing society and people do not hold the same views and ideologies as they did fifty years ago. Back then in a typical family the husband would go out to work and mom would stay home and take care of the kids. Today that is not enough, it takes…

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