Motivate Teens With A Sense Of Accomplishment Essays

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Motivate Teens with a Sense of Accomplishment to Complete Classes Introduction “Encouragement it the key to motivation” (Nelsen, Lott par 2 2015). If a child is encouraged and praised for their accomplishments, they feel a sense of self-worth and develop a high self-esteem. Individuals with a high self-esteem tend to establish self-accomplishment. Peer pressure is a big influence on teenagers, and according to secure teen (2013) can be a positive influence. Students identified as failing a subject could participate in groups for improvement; these groups would be called N-I-A-F, No-one is a failure. Not a typical study group or therapy, more as a community to socialize on school work. A way to identify individual struggles, with peers encouraging others and working as teams to achieve. Teens need to know their capabilities and weaknesses with a feeling of accomplishment of their proficiencies to be motivated. Students helping them could ultimately be the key to the underachiever or unmotivated.
Positive Effects of Encouragement Teens often receive criticism, nagging and complaining about poor performance (Nelson, Lott 2015). Letting children know how unique and appreciated they are, builds their self-esteem. According to therapist Michael Gurian, “verbal encouragement may teach your child the importance of perseverance and not giving up when things get difficult. Children who receive…

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