Mother 's Love For Her Children Essay

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“The only love that I really believe in is a mother 's love for her children”. I agree with this quote, because it states how much a mother loves their child. She was named Clara, after her mother whose name was Clara Morales. Many people say we are both identical, but I don’t agree what so ever. One thing is that I do agree that we have our similarities, but we’re not the same. For example, Clara has a type of vibrancy that she and I share. Her eyes even make you see your future, because you will daze off in them.
There 's many possible ways to describe her physically and mentally, but I’ll just stick with physical for now. My mother’s height is around five feet and four inches. Her body frame is big and not slim or average. When it comes to her face image, it is between round and oval. Clara’s skin tone is tan, besides her face, which is a lot lighter. When she 's out in the sun, her hair looks reddish-brown and when she is indoors, it looks dark brown. People tend to comment about her eyes all the time, because they change color to either hazel or brown depending her mood. My mom doesn’t have a big forehead, nose, lips, cheeks, or chin, but she does have long arms and short legs although you can’t really see the difference. Out of all the different types of characteristics my mother has, some are really outstanding. For example, she is really smart and is very attentive, but those are boring characteristics. Clara has this crazy energy going on, that sometimes I feel as…

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