Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Essay

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Throughout our everyday life, we are constantly bumping into someone who speaks a different language. Language has always been a beautiful trait a person may possess, especially when it’s something out of the ordinary. There are many different languages spoken within our community alone. Regardless of where we go, language has a major effect on our lifestyle. It plays a major role when we are searching for a job because most employers are seeking people who can speak languages that meet the needs of their clients. From reading Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue,” we are informed of how she portrays her English language as a daughter, student and as a writer. Like Amy Tan, I was raised in a bilingual family and the transition from one language to another can have a bigger impact on your life. However, my situation is different from Amy’s. I was raised in a household where the primary language has always been English, but I had to learn Spanish. We rarely spoke Spanish, but when we did, it was when my great-grandfather was around. Having to learn another language can actually affect your life because saying one wrong word can make what you want to say come out a different way. English is the most common language spoken in our everyday life, but everyone has their own version of the English language and how they use it to communicate.
In “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan describes to her readers how different it is to speak English to her mother and others around her. When she communicates with…

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