Mother Teresa 's Speech Essay

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Mother Teresa is well known for her work as a Catholic missionary ministering to the sick and dying in Calcutta, India. She began her missionary work serving the poor in 1950 with the founding of the Missionaries of Charity. This religious order of women dedicate their lives to help the poor. According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Mother Teresa was given the award for her work alleviating the suffering of the poor. Mother Teresa gave this speech after she was selected to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The main ideas of the speech are to acknowledge and thank those who nominated her to win, and also to further preach her message of caring and giving to the poor. Her speech is very well received. The whole audience applauds for her and when she gets back to her seat, she is given a handshake by the man next to her, and all those sitting around her lean in closer to her. The delivery, organization and persuasive techniques used in Mother Teresa’s speech inspire others to reach out and help the poor as well.
Mother Teresa was able to capture the attention of the audience for the entirety of the speech. Mother Teresa spoke for nineteen minutes, but her presentation made it feel only a few minutes long. She was able to keep the audience interested with her gestures, the delivery of her speech and the atmosphere she creates with her words and appearance makes this speech effective. Mother Teresa uses gestures and eye contact to keep the audience engaged. She uses subtle hand…

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