Mother Teresa 's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Essay

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Mother Teresa’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech The Nobel Prize Award is and honor given to those who had done their best to benefit mankind in the fields and categories of physics, chemistry, medicine and literature between many others. For example, the Nobel Prize Award of Peace, which was given to Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa) on December 11, 1979 at Oslo City Hall, Norway. That same day she gave her famous Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech to all of God’s creation around the world. While researching “The Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech”, written by Mother Teresa, I found many interesting facts and ideas she has proposed to society in order to make this world a better place. She often placed all the ideas she had into an historical context by discussing the important events in humanity, our decisions and God’s love that lead to the truly importance of love. My goal in this paper is to bring the source into the literature discussion of whether this speech is convincing and well-structured, enough to achieve what it is aiming for. I will achieve this by connecting a variety of strategically elements in order to show that this speech is indeed cogent and capable of causing a credible stance.
“Love as I have loved you; as I love you; as the Father has loved me, I love you.”(Holy Bible). What is love? According to Mother Teresa love begins at home. I believe it is true, whether it is a simple act of sympathy towards a member of our family or a humongous attraction to…

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