Essay on Mother Of Son By Langston Hughes

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Mother to Son
The poem “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes, is about a mother telling her son about her hardships in life, how she is not giving up, and how he should do the same. The poem is told from the perspective of a mother to her son. The mother explains to her child how she strived to do better after the problems she encountered earlier in her life. She wants to help her son and teach him valuable lessons on how to not go down the same road she did. Through syntax, imagery, and diction; the author pushes the idea and importance of pushing through the obstacles and inconveniences one finds in life.
Hughes uses syntax to advise the son of the idea that life is difficult but can be overcome. As the speaker, the mother says, “Life for me ain 't been no crystal stair” (2, 20). Hughes uses declarative syntax to have the mother inform her son of how her past was difficult to live through. It is used here so that the mother is able to put down the point of her past life, and help the boy realize that she acknowledges she has made mistakes and done wrong. He uses the phrase in the beginning and end of the poem to summarize and emphasize the tribulation of her former life. After explaining her rights and wrongs, the mother says “Don 't you set down on the steps” (15). The author then uses imperative syntax to command the son to keep fighting. She is inferring that she does not want him to repeat her past and to make a change before it starts. Additionally, she makes this a…

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