Essay about Mother Nurture : The Importance Of A Play ' Frankenstein '

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Mother Nurture: The Importance of Feminity in Frankenstein
Frankenstein examines the importance of feminie nurture by exhibiting the repercussions of dominating male ambition and lacking feminie nurture. In the gothic fiction novel, Frankenstien, by Mary Shelly, females possess vital feminine nurture and empathy. However, because Frankenstein has dominating masculinity, he lacks feminine qualities, preventing the monster’s nurturing upbringing. This lack of nurture leads the monster down a path of violence and vengeance, demonstrating to the reader the horrifying repercussions of overbearing masculinity. In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley exhibits the monster’s violence due to Frankenstien’s lack of nurture and predominant male ambition as a way to communicate the importance of feminine nurture in humanity.
In the novel, females are characterized with an indispensable nurturing and empathetic dispositions. This important feminity is illustrated in Frankenstien’s upbringing: as Frankenstein describes his parents, he claims to be the “helpless creature bestowed on them by Heaven...whose future lot it was in their hands to direct to happiness or misery” (Shelley 42). This duty “added to their…tenderness”, filling Frankenstein’s life with “lesson of patience, of charity, and of self-control” (Shelley 42). Frankenstein’s mother recognizes the responsibility of having a child; but instead of abandoning Frankenstein, she ensures that he receives nurture in order to lead a content life.…

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