Mother Abandonment Theory

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Chapter 1
“Availability implies that the mother is physically accessible to the child during the time that the child needed her the most.
-John Bowlby (1973)
A secure attachment from parents is needed during childhood. A child must have both parents that will guide them while they are growing up. Mother and child separation leaves a great impact on a child’s behavior. This study is based on the Attachment Theory that attempts to describe the dynamics of long term and short term interpersonal relationships between human. Children must develop a belief that there is a line of communication with their mothers. (Bowlby, 1973). Children must feel their mother’s availability. They must feel their mother’s presence whenever they
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Abandonment happens when a mother does not care for her child anymore, it occurs when she physically take off herself from her child. (Gerlach, 2015) A mother can abandon her child by forgetting her responsibilities and duties as a parent. As a mother she is required to have a proper communication with her child for her to understand their needs. Abandonment also occurs if the mother ended any connection or communication between them. (Wyden, 2015)
When a child was abandoned by their mother, this can cause low self-esteem. It can also cause stress and it could lead to either depression or anxiety. When a child reaches childhood and adolescence stage they began asking questions to themselves, they might think that they are unlovable and that could be the reason why their mom left. They might unable to understand the situation that may cause confusion and they might begin asking questions about their lives. Abandonment can cause trauma to a child. They might feel unhappy and as they grow older, they lost hope that they will have a chance to reunite with their mother. (Gerlach, 2015) Children who experienced mother abandonment are more likely
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The child is scared of getting too attached to anyone because for them, that person might also leave them behind. The most common type of abandonment of maternal abandonment is physical abandonment, this occurs when the mother physically left her child behind. Psychological abandonment is another type of abandonment; it occurs when a mother is a present physically but treated the child coldly and shows lack of concern and unresponsiveness. (Gerlcah, 2015). Physical abandonment is unexpected and sudden that it might cause shock to the child. The child might experience pain causing them to blame themselves. On the other hand, Psychological Abandonment is a bit more complicated because the mother is physically present but intentionally dissociates herself from her

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