Most Like An Arch This Marriage By John Ciardi

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What is true happiness. Love. One of many comforts that human beings needs is to have someone that they can rely on to be there for them through thick and thin. In the poem, "Most Like an Arch This Marriage" by John Ciardi defines love showing commitment, trust, and respect to built a healthy and strong relationship for one another. Love is something we cannot explain because everyone has their own way of loving. One of the key factors to love someone is to be able to have commitment. In order to be committed we must show the person that we are willingly sacrificing our time to be in their presence. The time and dedication to be with the one you love and trust can go a long way in life. You can start to speak your mind by sharing your darkest secrets or just need to get something off your chest because you trust them. The person that is committed will always be there to listen to what you have to say. Always. That is being loyal. The reason why being committed is such an important aspect in a relationship is because it allows your partner to feel safe and secure. They will know that they can trust you with their life. Another key factor for love is to be respectful towards one another. To …show more content…
Love can be used to manipulate a person’s feelings to get what they want. Love can be very dangerous. It may lead to fear, misery, jealously, obsession, or loneliness. In “First Poem for You” by Kim Addonizio implies that “such permanence is terrifying”, meaning that the speaker in the poem knows that her lover’s tattoo will always be there, but she fears that their love would not be permanent. That’s when the speaker points out “I like to touch your tattoos in complete darkness, when I can’t see them” because it shows her fear of losing him. This poem expresses a dense relationship between the couple. The speaker knows that their relationship is not perfect, but still believes that everything will work out in the very

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