Most Change Occurred Between My Parents And My Generation Essay

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Most Change Occurred Between My Parents and My Generation I think the most change occurred between my grandmother’s generation and the latter half of my mother’s generation. Their diet, accessibility to food, and care during pregnancy went through the most change. My grandmother’s diet often comprised of vegetables and starches while my mother’s diet had a much wider range of food including all sorts of meats, like turkey, vegetables, and processed foods. Some of the reasons I believed this happened was because of technological advancements and countries of origin. My grandmother was from a rural farm community in China where technological advancements had yet to appear. She was also from a poor family. Therefore, food and medicine was hard to access, especially medicine because it could be very expensive. After my mother immigrated to New York in the early 80s, technological advancements were much more prominent and she had access to health insurance which allowed for her to take prenatal vitamins. Food was also easier to find because of the mass quantity of grocery stores in New York City.
Unchanging Traditions Change is inevitable through time, but one thing that has remained constant from generation to generation is the traditions that have been passed down from our ancestors. The Lunar New Year, Birthdays, and Chinese religious holidays have always been of great importance in my family’s culture. Each tradition has gone through minor changes through the years, but the…

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