Mosquito Pesticide

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The Mosquito is a murderous insect which causes many diseases especially malaria. Malaria is a debilitating disease which is prevalent in underdeveloped countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. It claims millions of lives worldwide and affects children under the age of 5 more than any other group. Over the years, scientists have discovered and developed several solutions to this problem. One of those solutions is DDT short for dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. This substance is an insecticide used to kill pest and insects such as mosquitoes. Scientists figured that the pesticide could prevent dangerous mosquitoes from transmitting diseases to humans. Many people believe that this pesticide is the best solution to the malaria pandemic. They …show more content…
It is usually better and more cost effective to prevent illness rather treating them. Due to this fact, health care officials should focus on providing safer preventative tools such as bednets to the public. This alternative has been proven to have little to not long nor short term negative side effects on the human health. This material is a reliable and effective way of preventing and reducing the chances of mosquitos from biting a person. In addition to being non-toxic to human, bednets are ecofriendly and does not add on to environmental pollution. “Insecticide-treated bednets and curtains (ITBC) have proven in recent large-scale trials to have a high efficacy in reducing morbidity and mortality from malaria in African children” (Lengeler & Snow). Door screen, a tool which resemble the bednets can aid in restricting the entry of mosquitoes in people’s homes. This material acts a barrier by preventing insects, especially flies and mosquitoes from easily entering people’s homes. This method is guaranteed to not create stronger mosquitoes, unlike like DDT. The implementation of bednets, and door screens are not only effective, but are some of the best precautionary actions used to reduce malaria prevalence. It is important to use existing methods which have been proven to be efficient in the effort to fight against malaria. Anti-malaria treatments are also available in many malaria prone countries. To further lower the number malarial cases in malaria prevalent countries, it is essential for health official to properly allocated treatments. Antimalarial drugs are very promising when it comes to treating people will malaria. There are many types of antimalarial drugs available for public

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