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People 3 Employees 3 Achievements and Rewards 4 Training and Teamwork 5 Recruiting 5 Motivation and Work Life 5 Customers 6 Customers and Society 6
Service Delivery Processes 7 Process Complexity 8 Levels of Financial Services 10 Level of Service Customization 10 Internal Support Processes 11 Customer Involvement 12
What is Physical Evidence? 13 Physical Tangible Evidence 13 Facilities 13 Office Layout 14 Ambience 15 Technology Integration 15 Implementation of On Line Services 16 Implementation of Informational
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Mack, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, to Employees, Officers and Directors about the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct”, Morgan Stanley, 2008).
Recruiting. “Morgan Stanley’s goal is to be the employer of choice for the best and brightest, whatever their backgrounds may be” as “each event is aimed at raising awareness of the many roles that exist and marketing career opportunities within the Firm.” (“Recruitment”, Morgan Stanley, 2008).
“To achieve this objective Morgan Stanley sponsors a variety of scholarships and internships for women and minorities,” including Morgan Stanley Richard B. Fisher Scholars Program, Morgan Stanley MBA Fellowship, Women in Technology and many others (“Recruitment”, Morgan Stanley, 2008).
Motivation and Work Life. Morgan Stanley understands the need to find the right balance between home and career is not an easy task. They provide many work-life programs which responds to the needs of their employees which in turn addresses “physical and emotional health, working parent and family concerns and general needs for increased flexibility in order to navigate the different spheres of life.” Alongside that, a good work environment is provided with flexible work hours and employee networking groups.
Tony LoFrumento, executive director of CRM at Morgan Stanley said, “the three main goals of the project were to acquire targeted clients, gain more

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