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e Study
Morgan-Moe’s Drug Stores

Morgan-Moe’s Drug Stores

6 month study on Performance Management System


Due to customers spending less, low commodity purchases, and location closers employees at Morgan-Moe’s drug store have been insecurity about their jobs was taking a toll on attitudes.


Over the last 6 months, stores throughout the company have used a performance management system to boost morale, respond to employees’ sense of hopelessness and fear, and retain effective employees.

Performance Management System:

* Program I – Traditional Management. Providing employees with little to no information or opportunities for participation.
83 /299 stores (the oldest stores and those in the
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The opportunities would have been in not only improving output for employees, but for management as well.

(V) Does the changing nature of the workforce and the economy affect conclusions about how to manage retail employees? Does the participation of a more experienced workforce help or hurt these programs? Why might these programs work differently in an economy that isn’t doing so poorly?

The changing workforce and economy impacted this case to implement these programs in an attempt to improve morale and the relationship with Morgan-Moe’s drug stores employees. The age of the workforce was increasing rapidly and you don’t want your employees to be too much of one age group as you need a wider range to fulfill the needs of your business and customers whom you are representing. With job satisfaction at the heart of these programs, the interpretation of how these age groups define job satisfaction is paramount when managing this diverse workforce. These different age groups’ values are very different as well. Look below:

In addition, the economy has a huge impact on employee motivation, which Morgan-Moe’s drug store employee’s lack. A weak economy can have a negative effect on an employee’s Physiological and Safety needs as described in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is the basic needs of most humans need to survive. An impact on job loss, or the mere thought of it, will induce this

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