“More a Victim of His Own Feelings and Values Then a Villain.” Is This a Fair Judgement on the Character and Actions of Eddie Carbone?

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Title: “More a victim of his own feelings and values then a villain.”
Is this a fair judgement on the character and actions of Eddie Carbone?

Target: use precise quotations and make use of redrafting time.

Eddie Carbone is a complicated character, some say he is a villain due to the actions that he takes, others sympathise with him, saying that he is a victim. You can view him in different lights, although he acts, some may say, in a villainous manner, he is a victim of his feelings, confused and unsure of the right thing to do.

Eddie has very strong feelings that he finds very difficult to cope with, this leads the audience to feel sympathy towards him. He loves Catherine and feels very responsible for her well being. He shows
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This also shows that he is willing to fight to get it back. This portrays how much his emotions have overpowered his values as he goes against the community when he betrays Marco and Rodolfo later in the scene.

Eddie takes quite daring actions in the later parts of the play, this causes the audience and other characters to judge him. Eddie is desperate to prove that Rodolfo is not worthy of Catherine. When he kisses Rodolfo it implies that Rodolfo is “queer”. Catherine is quite disgusted by what Eddie is implying and shocked that he would treat people in that way. The audience is shocked and again disgusted with the lengths that Eddie would go to in order to get what he wants. Eddie was desperate to get rid of Rodolfo when reports him and his brother to the immigration office. Eddies betrayal of Rodolfo and Marco showed his true colours and how he really felt about Catherine. This shocked the audience and made them judge him as disloyal and hypercritical. Making them judge him as a villain.

Eddie has very strong feelings of pride which cause him to act in a villainous manner. Eddie finds criticism difficult to deal with and is very aware of people judging him. He refuses Beatrice when she asks “when will I be a wife again Eddie?” This causes problems in his relationship with Beatrice as he lets his pride get in the way. He never compromises but instead lets his views be coloured by his principles. Eddie has unusual feelings towards Catherine, this makes the

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