"More Testing, More Learning" Patrick O'Malley Critique Essay

900 Words Nov 27th, 2006 4 Pages
According to Patrick O'Malley's "More Testing, More Learning", the problem is that professors normally give less frequent exams that are counted the most against a student's grade. One of the effects he mentioned was that less frequent exams causes unnecessary amounts of stress on the student. Another one of the effects is that they don't encourage frequent study as well as fails to inspire students' best performance. O'Malley suggests that professors should give more frequent short exams to students. However, there are some objections to this suggestion. One is that such exams take up too much limited class time available to cover material in the course. Another objection is that short exams take too much time for professors to read and …show more content…
However, there are many parts to this essay that I don't agree with. O'Malley mentions that the major problem is stress. It is true stress is a very big problem to students nowadays, but it may not be the main problem. There are various factors that could itself be the main problem. Problems such as attendance as well as learning environment are possible causes of the problem. Also, I don't agree with O'Malley on his numerous implications that suggest that stress in general is bad. There are many different types of stress. Moderate amounts of stress are proven to increase performance within the human body causing it to perform more tasks than it usually can. However, an excess amount of stress would then dramatically decrease performance in the human body causing it to falter at times needed the most. There are also other ways that point out that having stress is not bad. When in school, it is necessary to be able handle set amounts of stress. While growing up, I believe that the body should be able to adapt to more amounts of stress. Handling stress is essential to school life, social life, as well as work life. Without being able to handle stress properly, it may cause a person to become unstable such as being emotionally unstable. Also, it can cause a person to become less productive as well as reliable in the work force. Not only that, excess amounts stress is very unhealthy and can

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